Starting A New Business


Right now, aspiring entrepreneurs around the world are planning their way to business ownership. This is a road that requires a lot of hard work and many people end up failing due to lack of professional guidance. But if your company survives, entrepreneurship rewards are worth the obstacles you face on the road to success. Every new business starts with an idea; maybe there is something you’re educated and passionate about, or you think you may have discovered a way to fill the void in the market.

At MICI consulting service, we assit entrepreneurs develop their ideas into businesses, we provide services to help enhance and improve business – both new and establish.

As migration consultants, we also help foreign investors or entrepreneurs navigate the business formations rules of a country that is foreign to them to make the establishment of a business as seamless as possible.

After you narrow your business ideas, ideally you should do a quick search for existing businesses in your selected industry. Learn who the current market leaders are doing and how you can do it better to meet up to their level. If you think your company can offer something other companies are not offering (or deliver the same thing but faster and cheaper).

With our consulting service, we will help you thoroughly research the market, provide competitor analysis to give new businesses like yours the ability to make informed decisions about the way you position your products and services to consumers, MICI consulting service is here to help you succeed.

If you need immigration related services, we will also help you with presenting a detailed and compliant business plan to help you succeed in your immigration application.

There’s no doubt, setting up and making money with your business is one of the most efficient ways to earn a living. You are completely controlling your destiny; the power is in your hands to increase the chances of your success and outwit the competition. MICI consulting service will help you get through all obstacles, our professional staff will give you a step-by-step guide to success!

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